Thomas Joyner has been BECM’s chaplain since November 2014.

Thomas Joyner was born and raised in Birmingham, AL. He received his B.A. from the University of Alabama (where he joined the Episcopal Church, thanks to campus ministry), his M.A. in Philosophy from Ole Miss, and his M.Div. from General Seminary in New York City. He was ordained in 2008. Over the years he’s had a number of interesting jobs  including little league baseball umpire, valet at a country club, concession stand manager at a girls’ softball park, librarian, and teacher. He loves to play golf, cook, and enjoy good food (especially Italian).

You can learn more about him and his work on his Facebook page, or contact him directly  at


Kristin Richman has been the administrator for BECM since 2001.

Contact Kristin at


Trinity Commons runs an Intern program for students who are interested in taking a leadership role in our community.

The Rev. Bertie Pittman Memorial Internship

Patrick Brock–UAB student

The Martha Jane Patton Internship

Crandall Hillhouse–UAB student






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