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The Rev. Emily Collette, Chaplain (email)


Come see us! You can find out the “what, when, where” of our activities on this website or our Facebook Page. If you have other questions, give us a call (205)-320-1500 or email at

In addition to our worship, events, and programs, we offer two internships for students interested in taking on a leadership role in our community. Please contact our Chaplain for more information.

Our student center also offers residential housing. Apartments each house two students, and include private bath, common living area, kitchen, and washer/dryer. Please contact our Chaplain for more information.

Community Folks

Do you want to help support the ministry of Trinity Commons?

1. Trinity Commons relies on the financial support of individuals and parishes to help provide the ministry we offer.   Your gift is important to allow us to meet the needs of students in Birmingham looking for an intentional community; as well as a student center that allows students to gather for worship, service, and fellowship.

You can give online here.

You may send a donation to support us to the following address:
Trinity Commons
1170 11th Avenue South
Birmingham AL 35205

2. Each Sunday night our supper after the service is an important time.  Our hungry students are always appreciative of a home-cooked meal.  Do you, or your friends, love to cook?  Contact us to see how you can provide one of these meals.

3. Your church can invite Thomas and our students to come visit your parish to talk about campus ministry in Birmingham, and why it’s important to your parish.  We love to visit our friends our Birmingham because our ministry is your ministry.

4. Come join us for a service, keep us in your prayers in your parish, and help us empower leaders for our church and our community.