Welcome to a new school year

This Sunday, August 26, is our kickoff for a new school year. If you’re a college student in Birmingham and you’re looking for a community of friendly, silly, and genuine people looking to learn more about life together and life with Jesus then come check us out. Our Eucharist is each Sunday at 6pm followed by a free dinner. We hope to see you at Trinity Commons

Boocharist Sunday

The Eucharist is a celebration of God’s love for us, and God’s desire to be with us.  Every year we take the Sunday closest to Halloween and turn it into a time for you to come and celebrate wearing a costume.  Of course, you don’t have to wear a costume to come, but this is a good reminder that what we do is meant to be a joyful celebration rooted in our life together; and we’ll continue that at our 6pm Eucharist (or Boocharist) this Sunday.  Come join us, whether in costume or not, and stay for a delicious supper after the service.  The important thing is for you to join us because the celebration is incomplete without you (and your friends) there.


Help My Unbelief-Fall program

For six Thursdays this fall students are invited to join us as we explore belief and unbelief.  Mark 9.17-24 tells the story of an encounter by Jesus with the father who brings his son with a seizure for Jesus to cure.  Jesus tells the father “all things can be done for the one who believes,” to which the father says, “I believe; help my unbelief.”  We all struggle with belief and unbelief, moments where we need healing and moments where we don’t know where to turn.  For these six Thursdays from 4-5pm we’ll invite some people to come in and tell their story of belief and unbelief, healing and searching.  We invite you to join us too whether you come with belief or unbelief.

Sunday Supper is Back!

Students, come join us this Sunday, August 27, for Holy Eucharist at 6pm.  After the service we’ll all enjoy a free supper, thanks to our friends from St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church.  We’re excited to welcome back our students and to give a warm welcome to new students.  All students, no matter what, are welcome to join us each week.  We hope to see you to start a new school year with us.

Welcome to the start of a new school year

Welcome to Trinity Commons, or welcome back to Trinity Commons.  We’re looking forward to the start of the 2017-18 school year and we hope you are too.  Please plan to join us this Sunday, and each Sunday during the semester, for Eucharist at 6pm on Sunday.  After the service we’ll enjoy a free dinner provided by our friends in the Birmingham area.  You and your friends are invited to join us.  We hope to see you this Sunday to welcome you for another great year.

Summer Eucharist schedule

Now that summer is here we hope students still in Birmingham will continue to join us on Sundays at 6pm for Holy Eucharist.  We won’t have a service May 28, because of the Memorial Day weekend, but come join us each Sunday during the summer at 6pm in the chapel at the student center for Eucharist.  All are welcome.

Holy Week 2017

This Sunday is Palm Sunday, and the start of Holy Week.  Join us, with Jesus, in the journey from Jerusalem to the tomb.  There are many opportunities for you to meet Jesus on the way, and to find our life within the life Jesus offers.  You, and your friends, are invited to join us.

Holy Week 2017

Sunday, April 9: Palm Sunday with supper, 6pm

Tuesday, April 11: Eucharist in Yeilding Chapel at BSC, 11:45am

Tuesday, April 11: Pasta Night at Trinity Commons, 6pm

Wednesday, April 12: Eucharist in Reid Chapel at Samford, Noon

Wednesday, April 12: Reconciliation Service with The Abbey and St. Andrew’s, Montevallo, 7:30pm (at The Abbey)

Thursday, April 13: Maundy Thursday with washing of feet, 6pm

Friday, April 14: Good Friday with communion from reserve sacrament, 6pm

Sunday, April 16: Easter Evening with supper, 6pm

The Episcopal Church, and Trinity Commons, welcomes you.

Lent Program

Please join us from 4-5pm at Trinity Commons each Thursdays this Lent for our study of the book “Let Me Go There” by Paula Gooder.  This Lent we’ll gather for discussion and Bible study using this book and program as a part of the Lenten study sponsored by St. Mary’s on the Highlands.  We invite you to join us.