This Week – 11/09/20

This Week.

Thank you to all the folks that were present, joined virtually, or offered well wishes and prayers for my ordination on Saturday. It was a beautiful and joy-filled service. If you were not able to join live, the service is available here

It’s hard to believe that we are already near the end of this semester. I must admit at the beginning of the semester I expected that we would have another shutdown. But all y’all kept vigilant with COVID precautions, and we have been able to continue to gather. 

In the reading from Matthew this week, Jesus tells a parable about 10 bridesmaids, 5 of which are deemed wise and 5 foolish. All 10 were excited for the bridegroom to arrive and were dressed and lamps lit. All 10 fell asleep when the bridegroom did not arrive on time. The 5 that are found to be wise were those that brought extra oil. They came ready, filled with hope, but knowing that things may not go as planned or as they would like it. Because of their preparation, they were able to refill their lamps and to join the bridegroom at the celebration.

Very little about 2020 has gone as planned or hoped for. Be we are still called to be ready. To be ready to seek and serve Christ in all persons. To be ready to work for justice and peace. That means saying our prayers, wearing masks and physically distancing, and keep washing our hands. We may be tired of all this, but we have got to keep vigilant and be ready.

I hope you join us on campus at BSC for Holy Eucharist at 11:45 am today, or drop by the Trinity Commons. Also, another reason to be ready is that the bishop is coming! Bishop Kee Sloan and the Ven. Lou Thibodaux will be with us on Sunday for Holy Eucharist and supper. 

– Kelley



  • 11:45 a.m. Worship at BSC
    I will be on campus at 10 am, come by and say hello. Then join us IN THE CHAPEL for a short service of Holy Eucharist.
  • 3-6 p.m. Drop-in Hours at Trinity Commons
    Come by for a chat or just to take a break.


  • 6 p.m. Worship at Trinity Commons & Zoom
    Join us for Holy Eucharist in the chapel. Bishop Sloan will be with us. To join us in person signup hereSunday Supper following the service. Wear a mask and invite a friend. You can also join us via Zoom.

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