This Sunday – All Saints Day

This Sunday.

This Sunday is All Saints Day, the day that we recall the saints of the faith. It is also the day that most of us remember all the faithful departed. It is one of the big feast days in the church. It is a day for baptisms and white stoles. It is intened as a celebration. 

This year, with all that 2020 has brought, All Saints Day feels a bit heavier. COVID-19 has killed nearly 230,000 people in the US. There are protests and unrest, and a divisive presidential election. But still it is All Saints Day.

Six weeks ago we began a study of the Sermon of the Mount, which begins with the Beatitudes. Now we come full circle, and will hear the Beatitudes this Sunday. We need to hear that we are blessed–we who mourn, who are merciful, who hunger and thirst for righteousness. We need to be reminded of the priorities of the Kingdom of Heaven that Jesus teaches.

This Sunday, we will also renew our Baptismal Covenant. Four weeks ago our bishops called for us to remember who we are during this divisive time. Well for Christians, who we are starts with our baptism.  

Join us this Sunday as we remember those that have gone before us. Come be reminded of who you are and what you are called to do as a Christian. Worship is at 6 pm and supper follows. Remember to wear a mask. You can join us at Trinity Commons or on Zoom (bulletin).

– Kelley

Our bishops offer encouragement to live in hope and unity. For other reflections offered by our bishops in this season of election, click here.

Upcoming Special Events

Tues, Nov. 3 at 6:30 pm
Election Day Evensong
Join us for a special service of prayers for our country.
More info

Sat. Nov. 7 at 11 am
Kelley’s Ordination
to the Priesthood

While in-person attendance will be limited, the service will be live streamed.
More info

Sun. Nov. 15 at 6 pm
Bishop Sloan’s Visitation
We will welcome Bishop Sloan for worship and dinner. To join us in person signup here.
You can also join us on Zoom.

Here are the links to the Sermon on the Mount Series:
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Pray then in this way
Do not worry
Enter through the narrow gate

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