This Week – 04/20/2020

This week.

Recently, I’ve noticed as I read the New York Times online they’ve added some timely and interesting features.  One is called ‘How to give yourself a buzz cut;’ timely because you can’t go to get your hair cut these days and, if you’re like me, it’s getting a little longer than you’d like.  Another is ‘How to handwash your clothes’ which is interesting and I suspect particularly geared to New Yorkers whose apartment may have a central laundry room in the basement.  The thinking is, it’s best not to go down to such a communal place for fear of COVID, so just stay in your apartment and now, with some instruction, you can handwash your clothes.

There are things we’re learning to do for ourselves, and things we’re having to learn to do without.  For some, this has opened up new insights, led them to feel empowered and more aware of life. While things are uncertain, they’ve sorted some priorities and gained vision. For others, it’s been a time of loss and struggle as they float on the sea of emotions with boredom as a constant companion.  The days are long and there’s no clear end in sight in the misery of isolation.

As we hear these post-resurrection stories the last two Sundays I find myself wondering how the stories of Jesus’ death and resurrection changed the disciples.  A large part of that, the gospels tell us, was experience and an experience tied to a memory.  What made this faith in Jesus grow, spread, and become news to tell others about centered on the connections and relationships which make life meaningful and valuable.  The resurrection opened our eyes to a new possibility of life together; it was in the way he called us as a community; it was a set of priorities that wasn’t to just be something to think on but lived and experienced with others.

Easter, even in a time of COVID, is an invitation to see ourselves and those who make up the meaning of our lives for what they are, valuable, necessary, and beloved.  While, like the huddled disciples in those locked rooms on the days after Jesus’ death, we can still be together; join us on Zoom this Tuesday at 6 pm or on Thursday at 5 pm to reconnect, remember, and instruct one another as we find a purpose for life together.


Gathering Online:

Tuesday Checkin on Zoom @ 6 pm
Join Thomas and Kelley on Zoom. This is a time to check-in or just say hello.

Thursday Theology & Pop Culture on Zoom @ 5 pm 
Join us as we explore our faith through movies and TV shows. This week Kelley will lead the discussion, and you are invited to watch a short documentary called Pope Michael, which you can watch on Youtube for free.

Sunday Evening Prayer on Zoom @ 6 pm
Join us on Zoom for a service of prayers and scripture.

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