This Sunday – Responding to COVID-19

This Sunday


One of the reasons we return again and again to scripture for guidance, solace, and instruction are the many stories which help remind us that God is present, understands our fears and hopes, as well as responds to our cries for help or mercy. It’s easy to forget when we’re anxious, confused, and uncertain about where our life may lead. Scripture points us back to God as someone who understands us and is alongside us when we’re prone thinking we’ve been abandoned and are alone.

As your schools wrestle with the best way to keep you and your loved ones safe while still offering you instruction to finish the semester, I invite you to trust that God continues with you on your journey, wherever it may be and wherever it may take you.  There is an abundance of caution being practiced, as well as an effort to minimize and contain the spread of COVID-19; we are on a new journey, but it’s still a journey best done together.

At Trinity Commons, and for Episcopal Campus Ministry in Birmingham, we are following the directions of your school administration and the Diocese of Alabama.  This Sunday, March 15, we will not gather at Trinity Commons for our 6 pm Eucharist and supper; we will offer Evening Prayer at 6 pm via Zoom and continue to do so until further notice.  I hope you join us on this platform for prayer, conversation, and an opportunity to stay connected.  On Tuesdays at 6 pm we will offer TC Tuesday via Zoom; this will be a chance to just connect, share, hangout for a while if there’s anything on your mind and you’d like a chance to connect with the group.  Our Thursday Lenten series will continue at 5 pm, also via Zoom.

Here is the link to join us this Sunday at 6 pm for worship:

We will send out the links for the other meetings on Monday.

While prayer and worship are important, it’s equally important for you to get the help you need in a difficult time.  We are working to arrange some assistance for students who need help, so if there is food you need, help with some financial hardship, dealing with medical concerns or issues, we will work to meet that need; please let us know how we can help you should you find yourself in a time of need.  As always we continue to be available for conversation and pastoral care, either in person, by text, email, phone, or video chat.  We urge you to stay up to date on information about this virus, take COVID-19 seriously, and to monitor and report any symptoms to your doctor.

In our own journey into uncertain times we’re still here to support you, to listen to you, and to guide you. In this wilderness time of Lent we find uncertainty, just as Israel did both in exodus from Egypt and in exile in Babylon, and the relief of connection with God as the Samaritan woman at the well in the noonday heat found with Jesus. Wilderness experiences are rarely easy but they usually offer important lessons worth remembering; in this wilderness season remember you are not alone and do not be afraid.

–Thomas & Kelley

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