This Sunday – Marathon Sunday & the 6th Sunday after the Epiphany

This Sunday

Can you remember the last time you asked someone for help?  What was the last situation in which you had to make a difficult choice?  When we face tough choices we often need help and none of us get where we want to go in life without the help of someone else.  This Sunday we’ll hear a lot from Jesus about how we can best live together by the choices we make, and it takes asking for help.  We know other people need our help and this is a Sunday where I need your help.

It’s Mercedes Marathon Sunday and we need your help at Trinity Commons at 7am (!).  I know it’s early but this is a fun and important event where we provide hospitality (gummi bears, Gatorade, water) to those running in the marathon who come right in front of our student center.  It’s a lot of fun to cheer them on, help them as they run the race, and be a part of an important event in the life of Birmingham.  We’ll have coffee and bagels for you to get you going, but we need a lot of hands to help because there are a lot of runners to support.  I promise you you’ll enjoy it by all the people who’ll tell you ‘thank you.’  So set your alarms, get a friend to come with you, and please make plans to come help serve those who need our support and encouragement.

Sunday night we’ll join our friends next door at St. Andrew’s for a combined Eucharist with supper afterwards.  The service is still at 6 pm but join us in the church at St. Andrew’s to say thank you to God.


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