This Sunday – Pentecost 22

This Sunday

Some Sadducees, those who say there is no resurrection, came to Jesus and asked him a question, “Teacher, Moses wrote for us that if a man’s brother dies, leaving a wife but no children, the man shall marry the widow and raise up children for his brother. Now there were seven brothers; the first married, and died childless; then the second and the third married her, and so in the same way all seven died childless. Finally the woman also died. In the resurrection, therefore, whose wife will the woman be? For the seven had married her.”
–Luke 20.27-33

  • Are you good at asking questions to try and understand what you don’t understand, or are you reluctant to ask the questions you want to?
  • What gives some people authority over others?
  • If you could ask Jesus a question, what would it be?
  • Are there times when faith in God or the doctrines of Christianity don’t make sense?  What do you do with those things which don’t make sense?

We’re getting near the end, not just of the school year but of the church year also. As the leaves fall our attention begins to turn to endings.

Join us at Trinity Commons tonight at 6 pm for our Eucharist and supper, thanks to Joshua Richman, and let’s end strong by being together, asking some questions, sharing some possible answers, and listening to God and one another.  None of us have all the answers, and none of us can do life on our own, nor do we have to.  Come be with us and we’ll begin another week together this Sunday.



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