This Sunday – Pentecost 15

This Sunday

“You cannot serve God and wealth.”

–Luke 16.13

  • Do you ever worry about having friends, money, a future?  What is the source of that worry?
  • Are you a rule follower, or are you always stretching the limits of what’s possible?
  • Do you think you have to earn God’s love or favor?  Do you think God expects you to show ‘success’?
  • What fear, object, attitude, obsession, might God be inviting you to let go of in order to realize you already have what you need?

Jesus gets our attention with a statement like this, but it comes on the heels of a rather complicated parable about being accountable for what’s done, which includes what seems to be some shady dealing.  Life, we know, is complicated and we’re pulled in many different directions toward many different goals.  Sometimes what we want is clear and sometimes our desires are in conflict; but what if the ultimate goal is less about meeting your need than it is connecting you with others and the invitation to move beyond fear.

Join us at Trinity Commons Sunday night at 6pm for Eucharist and supper following the service.  It’s a time to reorient yourself, to serve what brings you life, and to live in community with others who seek the same things you do.


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