8/26 – This Week

Anticipation for what the new school year will bring is something we all experience. Will the year be a good one, is a question on our minds whether we’re returning for another year in a familiar place or just starting out a new journey.  Anticipation is a strong theme in Luke’s gospel as the story of the disabled woman in the synagogue illustrates.  Jesus encounters this woman and the anticipation is: what will happen? Will she, like the man with the withered hand, be healed or will it be like Jesus’ first synagogue appearance, where his words so enraged Nazareth they were ready to kill him.

First, Jesus takes the initiative, he approaches the woman.  He pronounces her free and he touches her.  Now the anticipation is on her response; as soon as he touches her she rises up and begins praising God.  The freedom Jesus gives this woman is the ability to participate fully in her community.  Liberation from bondage and the opportunity for a life lived in community is the result of what Jesus does for this woman, and what Jesus continues to do for us.

As we begin a new school year there’s a lot of anticipation and no small need for liberation.  You have opportunities each week to participate in the liberation that Jesus has come to bring us as well as others, and liberation means salvation as we find our meaning, purpose, and value by participation in a community which helps us find liberation.  We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to see you this week when you can join us:

On Campus:

Tuesdays at BSC
We will be on Campus hanging out in front of the Caf from 9-11 am, and then at the New Student Interest Fair from 1-2 pm. (Our weekly Eucharist will begin next Tuesday.)
Wednesdays at Samford
We’ll be on campus 9 am – 1 pm in Ben Brown Plaza for Church Connections Day.
(Our weekly Eucharist will begin next Wednesday.)
Thursdays at UAB
We’ll be in the dining area of the Hill Center from 10 am to 3 pm. Come by for a chat or just to say hello.

At Trinity Commons:

Tuesday, 6 pm, is Pasta Night!
Join us for an evening of cooking, eating, and hanging out. We will provide the recipe and ingredients. Just bring yourself (and a friend). This week’s pasta is ziti with a meat sauce or a lentil ragu for our vegetarian friends.

Sunday, 6 pm, Holy Eucharist & Supper
Join us for worship at 6 pm in the chapel, and stay for supper.

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