4/1 – This Week

One of the first songs in the musical Fiddler on the Roof is “Matchmaker, Matchmaker.” After seeing the village matchmaker leaving their house, the sisters sing about their wishes for a husband. The musical explores a rapidly changing and dangerous world of the characters in 1905, and the struggle between tradition and a new way of doing things. By the end of this song, the sisters realize that “finding a match” may not work out the way they hoped, and they change their tune:

Matchmaker, Matchmaker,
Plan me no plans

I’m in no rush

Maybe I’ve learned

Playing with matches

A girl can get burned

The world in 2019 is certainly different than 1905, but we are again in a culture that is rapidly changing. Americans are staying single longer. The marriage rate is declining, while the divorce rate is increasing. Cohabitation is becoming more common. Every day there is romance, loneliness, and heartbreak.

As we navigate our romantic relationships, whether we are single, coupled, or ending a relationship, what does our faith offer us? Join us this Thursday at 4 pm as we continue our discussion by taking a look at Romance: Singleness, Coupled, Endings. Come join us!


Tuesday at 6 pm is our Pasta Night, and we’ll take a break from the usual Italian pasta to enjoy Coconut Rice Noodles with Chicken (or Tofu). 

On Campus This Week

Tuesday at BSC: We’re back on campus after a break, so come join Thomas in the front of the Caf around 9am and tell him about your week.  Then you can join us in Yeilding Chapel at 11:45 for our short Eucharist.

Wednesday at Samford: Thomas will be in the University Center (near the O Henry’s) around 9 am, feel free to drop by to chat, share what’s on your mind, or ask for prayer. Our short Eucharist takes place in Reid Chapel at Noon.

Thursday at UAB: Thomas will be hanging out in the Hill Center from 10am-3pm.  Feel free to stop by for a chat, to have coffee, lunch, or just take a break to share what’s on your mind.

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