3/11 – This Week

This week we will begin our Lenten Series “With Love.” We will spend time together over the next several weeks exploring what our faith tells us about ourselves and our relationships. Before we get to the sex talk, we need to explore our identity. For Christians, the book of Genesis is our origin story. Genesis gives us not one, but two powerful stories of our creation. Genesis is also the source of a lot of our shame and religious baggage when it comes to relationships and sex. But I think we can begin to let go of that baggage if we read our stories of creation with love and not shame. What does it mean to be created in the image of God? What does it mean to be beloved? To live in community? And what does God really think about sex?

Helps us know where you are coming from by taking a few minutes to complete this survey:https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/KFBMJH8. Your answers are anonymous. And even if you can’t attend this session, your perspective would be helpful to our discussions.

Tuesday at 6 pm is Pasta night at Trinity Commons! We’re going to enjoy one of my favorites: Rigatoni with Eggplant, Tomato, and Mozzarella.  For those of you suspicious about eggplant I promise this will change your mind.

Thursday, 4-5 pm, at Trinity Commons is our first session in the With Love Series – “Identity: Belovedness, Community, Sexuality.” Bring yourself, your questions, and invite a friend!


On Campus This Week

Tuesday will be our usual time at BSC.  I’ll be around the front of the Caf around 9am so feel free to come by and join me.  Then plan to come say some Lenten prayers in Yeilding Chapel at 11:45; it’s a good opportunity to create some intentional time to communicate with God and make a helpful change in yourself.

Samford and UAB are on Spring Break so there will be no on campus activities or services this week.





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