1/22 – This Week

Recently I was having dinner with a friend and while waiting for our table we were talking about our previous visit.  I mentioned a moment in our time together where I felt slighted, unappreciated, even unwanted. Of course, I didn’t say it just like that, I just said I was surprised by how the visit went. What I wanted, an apology from my friend, wasn’t going to come and, getting annoyed, I began to dwell on yet another perceived slight. Maybe you, like me, have a hard time hiding your emotions and rather than get angry, yell, and scream, you respond in silence and by withdrawing. Being my friend, he recognized my reaction and asked me “Are you ok?” I said “yes” all too abruptly. The truth is I wasn’t but I wasn’t able to articulate why; I wanted things to be perfect this time and not allow my emotional needs to upset the dinner we were about to enjoy.  But mostly I wanted him to name that I wasn’t ok and invite more conversation. I was struggling, was it all in my head, was I being unreasonable, was I making a mountain out of a molehill? Rather than say ‘yes, actually here’s why this bothered me’ I just said no and then proceeded to brood, knowing I shouldn’t be brooding and trying to recover my attitude. Relationships are just hard sometimes because they require us to be vulnerable with our emotions; we can’t control other people to be and do what we want. Most of the time we’re not going to get the help we need unless we can share what it is we want. Sometimes, as the prayer goes, we have no power in ourselves to help ourselves and that’s why it’s so important for Christians to be a part of a community that can support, encourage, and help one another. We know Jesus to be someone who can work miracles and the most important miracles happen in the relationships we form with one another, and with God. Sometimes it takes help to look past perfection, to go beyond our fears and beyond our expectations to see the joy of life with one another. Water becomes wine when we can ask for what we need and have the grace and patience to extend compassion and forgiveness to others and to ourselves. May this week be a time for you to recognize the miracle of a loved one which comes most clearly in our willingness to share and listen, to one another, to our emotions, and to God.

It’s Pasta Night this Tuesday (1/22) at 6pm; on the menu is Pasta with Pesto, Potatoes, and Green Beans. Intrigued? Come join us and find out how good all of these good things can be together.

On Campus this Week

Wednesday – Samford
Classes have started, and we return to campus. Join us in Reid Chapel at Noon for our short Eucharist. This is a chance to join in prayer and worship, and you even get convo credit. We’ll be in the Caf after the service for lunch, so you’re welcome to join us then too.

Thursday – UAB
Come by and see me at the Hill Center. I’ll be hanging out at a table in the dining area near the doors to Univ. Blvd around 10 am.

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